Do you know about Kawanishi city?

Hello,nice to meet you all. It’s my first page of this blog!

My name’s Taka.I live in Kawanishi city.I have lived here for about 35years at intervals.I want you to know more about my home town and hope you to come here.

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Basic Introductions

Location:southern/eastern part of Hyogo pref,Japan

It’s located on the area between Osaka and Kobe.

It takes about 20~30min to come here from Osaka or Umeda station by train (JR or HankyuLine)

Neiborhood cities:  Takaraduka city,Itami city,NIshinomiya city,Ikeda city,Inagawa chou,Nose chou

It looks like a “Sea Horse” ,doesn’t it?

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