Statue of Florence Nightingale

Hello, I’m gonna give a information of one of some wonder spots of Kawanishi city.That’s Statue of Florence Nightingale.(1820~1910)

Oh, you don’t know about her? Please check this.

Yes,she is known as the founder of modern nursing.and She established a training institution for nurses.The founder of the Red Cross had been inspired by her work during the Cremean War to begin the Red Cross

This statue is the only replica of the original one, which is located in London.Why is this located here? That’s why this is the wonder spot.Reason why, when the man who had land ownership here, had received medical treatment in hospital, he really thanked its nurses’s devoted work! and then he set up statue.and one more interesting and wonder point is this place’s oriental religional mixed atmosphere.If you come here, you might see what I meen.

Student nurses hold a festival every May to celebrate her birthday and remind us of “the spirit of volunteer and philanthropy”

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