Minamoto no Mitsnaka

Hello, I introduce you “Minamoto no Mitsuknaka”(912?~997)

Do you know “Samurai” or “Bushi” has 2 main matrix. They are “Genji” and “Heishi” MItsunaka was roots of “Genji Samurai”. and He is important person of to tell Kawanishi’s history and also Japanese that,

He moved from Kyoto to Tada area of Kawanishi aorund 975.and Then Kawnishi had have many tales of him and his familly members. to know more about him, pleae check this.

Samurai or Bushi who call themselves we are belong to Genji matrix., all have roots to him.So Ashikaga family matrix(MUromachi Shogunate) and Tokugawa family matrix (Edo Shogunate) believed their roots and protected shrine enshrines him (Tada shrine)

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