Hang around in Kawanishi (Plan ①)

Hello, I wanna suggest you a short term walking plan. It’s included some spots that I have introduced. Okay! Let’s start!

Start Point: JR Kawanishi-Ikeda station

At first. If you get out the station,turn right to North gate.

and then turn right to down stairs.

You can see the statue of Minamoto no Mitsunaka. by the rotary.

and you can see intersection.If you cross the street , you can see….

This road starts. That the old tracks road.(tiny railways)

If you pass under Hankyu Railway, you can see a slope road on your left along the railway. Go up the slope.

aroud the top of the slope,turn right, you can reach “Eikon-ji Temple Remnants Historical Park” it’s old temple from Nara Period. But the Yakushido Hall was completely destroyed during the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake.

Finally, You can reach to Statue of Florence Nightingale.

then back to old track road, you can reach the monument. This is Goal Point!

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