Tada Jinja Shrine

Hello, I’m gonna give you an information of Tada Jinja shrine. It was built on 970 as a temple of Tendai sect of Buddhism. The enshrined deity of there is Minamoto no Mitsunaka and his several descendant.(Yoshimitsu, Yorinobu, Yoriyoshi, Yoshiie) So it was revered of all samurai of “Genji matrix”. Many Shogun of Muromachi Shounate and Edo Shogunate controled in their government and protected there. it’s an important place to tell about Kawanishi’s history.

This shrine has been espoused as to be a winner. so nowadays some major sumo wrestlers visit there and pray to win the games.

Genji festival‘s main stage is there.

Entrance of Tada Jinja shrine

There are beautiful cherry blossoms!

It also has a wonder spot. I’ll tell you about it another day.

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