Hang around in Kawanishi (Plan ②)

Hello, I wanna suggest you a short term walking plan pt.2. It’s included some spots that I have introduced. Okay! Let’s start!

Start point is Kawanishi-noseguchi station (Hankyu Rwy/Nose Rwy). You should take Nose Rwy to Kinunobe-bashi station(Next statin from start point)

First, If you reach Kinunobe-bashi station .You should cross these tracks.The gate over there.

Second, Turn left from the station’s gate,and go to the Ina river.

If you reach the river side , turn right.

You can see a highway’s bridge “Big Harp” and a park.to know more about here,please check it.

Then walk one block, you can see the river’s good atmosphere and calm park under the highway. please go straight and cross the street.

and pass the gate.

If you reach second gate turn right.but you can walk straight for a while, the park is still along the river.

You can see Mitsunaka Hall on your left side.

Then walk 2 blocks, you can see Obe-jinja shrine‘s entrance on your right.

Then walk 2 blocks, you can see this intersection. please take the path on your right side.

You can see the Kawanishi-noseguchi station on your forward. that the goal point.

There are some good shops and restaurants around here, but I’m gonna tell you another day! please enjoy hang out!

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