Cultural property museum of Kawanishi

Hello, I’m gonna introduce you about cultural property museum of Kawanishi city. I wanna tell you first, is that you can visit for free and take any pics for free!! wow! It shows us some stuffs having historical value about from 4000y to 500y ago.

Kawanishi city has some remains and old tomb. they are….

Kamo remain, Sakane remain, Sakane old temple remain, Shouhukuji-temple old tomb

It exhibits their’s excavated items. More premier item is replica .but you can see all of them for free!! It’s amazing! HaHa!


Open 9:30am to 5:00pm (Every mondays are closing days.)

Entrance fee: Free Photo:Free

It’s replica, The original is in Tokyo National Museum. but It’s a biggest Dotaku in Hyogo pref..

It’s one of the oldest carpenter’s tools in Japan.

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