Hang around plan in Kawanishi(Plan ③)

Hello, I’m gonna suggest you to hang around Kawanishi part.3! haha. It might be a little bit more tough than I have suggested(part1 and 2). but don’t care! It’ll be fun!! Let’s go!

Start point is JR Kawanishi-Ikeda station. If you get out ,turn right to south gate. Yeah, it’s a opposite side to part①

Then turn left and down stairs.

You can see the country’s atmosphere path. please go straight!

and…. You can see the figs farm around the path. Do you know figs are especially product of Kawanishi city?

please cross the street. go! go!…and you can see a narrow river and the hill covered with forest on your right side.

Then reach this intersection, please turn right!

and go up the hill! cheer up!

Yeah, top of the hill is coming soon, and you can feel the forest is close to you.

Top around the hill, you can see Kamo-jinja shrine‘s entrance on your right.

Then turn right at the next intersection.

You can see Cultural property museum of Kawanishi on your right.

Let’s keep on walking! it’s gonna be down to hill.

during down to hill, you can see mountain side view.

If you reach this intersection, turn right and walk along the river.

keep on walking!

Finally you can back to JR Kawanishi-Ikeda station!! It’s goal!

All area You walked in this post is Kamo remains’s area! Can you find out? Do you remember this maps rivers? or hill? Yeah, you walked these rivers side and climb the hill!! It’s a wide spread remains! You walked a large and old spot of Kawanishi!,haha

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