Shohukuji-temple and Shohukuji-temple old tomb

Hi, How’s it going? I’m always not bad. Anyway, I’m gonna introduce you Shohukuji-temple and Shohukuji-temple old tomb.


It built on 807 as a temple of Shingon sect.but from 1362, It was changed to the jodo-shin sect.and Back hill of this temple is Shohukuji-temple old tomb.

Shohukuji-temple old tomb

It’s an only old tomb of Kawanishi-city. It was found by accident on 1891. Some peaple digged the ground to get some clay for wall, they found horizontal stone chamber, and also found some treasures.

It shaped like a Keyhole. So it categorized one of Keyhole-shaped mounds. It thought to built about early of 6th century. but unknown that who’s grave is this. Now this area has been maintained to walk around. If it’s finished, I gonna tell you!

The treasures

They are exhibited at Cultural property museum of Kawanishi.

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