Yasaka-jinja shrine

Hello, how’s it going? I’m so busy in these days! but I don’t lose my passion to introduce my town! Let’s check it Up!!! Ha, ha… Anyway,I gonna give an information of another shrine. It’s called “Yasaka-jinja shrine”, Have you heard this name? Yeah, It’s a same name of one in Kyoto. Susanoo no Mikoto is enshrined in this Place and also Kyoto’s one. To tell the truth, It’s my first time to visit there. (But it is located on near my place…Yeah it’s nearest shrine from my house) I think it’s a super good prace! and has a good atmosphere! I recommend to visit there!

It was built on 1489 on some place(unknown), and removed this place on 1514. It’s located on next to Shohukuji-temple and Shohukuji-temple old tomb.


It has good field of meditate or melt to nature. It’s a secret cherry blossoms viewing spot for local people.

In fall , It is covered many red colored leaves! I recommend to come here on cherry blossoms season or fall.

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