Local legends of Kawanishi ①

Hello, how are you feeling? I’m good! Today, I wanna introduce you Kawanishi’s local legends. They almost tell about Minamoto no Mitsunaka (The source of Genji samurai matrix) and his family members. First of all, I’m gonna tell you one of them.It tell about why Mitsunaka chose to live in Kawanishi.

a legend of Kuzuryu

Minamoto no Mitsunaka was worried where is the best place to built his new manor house about 1,000 years ago. He visited Sumiyoshi-taisha shrine(Osaka) and ask for instructions where he must build. 27days later, the answer was back, that tells “Let off an arrow at against Norse direction. and build your manor house where it hits.” He let off an arrow. Then he and his retainers searched an arrow. When they come to around Tsutsumiga-taki(in Kawanishi city), Grey haired old man told them where it flies. Finally, they reached the place, but there were two big snakes, and it hitted the eye of white one of them. It struggled and jumped over the pond ,went southern area and finally it was dead on Oobe area. Floaded water made the land to good condition. So he started to live in Tada area.

In Tada area, there is a Kuzu-daimyoujinn shrine, It enshrined one of two big snake. White one is enshrined at next to Oobe-jinja shrine.

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