Raikouji-temple (Hydrangea-temple in Kawanishi)

Hi, How it going? It’s getting hot ! and In Japan, rainy season will be coming soon…But I suggest you a good place to go on a rainy season! It’s Raikouji-temple! other name’s Hydrangea-temple….Yes, There are about 500 blooms of Hydrangeas! When I went there, they were two-fifth in bloom because of pre-rainy season. It was built by Minamoto no Mitsunaka’s 4th son. He has another local legend, but I tell you it another day.

One or two weeks later, there might be full bloom of Hydrangeas! It might be so beutiful! If you wanna go there, You should take Nose Rwy line and get off at Uneno station. And you should prepare some insect repellents….I gooot several mosquito bites, Ha ha ha…

and there is an grave. It’s a Minamoto no Mitsunaka’s wife’s.


On June 15th(sat), from 1:30 PM to 2:50 PM, a concert is held. It’s an ensemble of ocarina. It might be a best time to see flowers! Feel easy to go!!

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