Kushiro Kasuga-jinja shrine

Hello, I’ve written 20posts from beginning.Yeah, This is the 20th post!! I’m keep on writing to feel my home town closer to you. Next target is 50th! Anyway, I wanna give you an information of Kushiro Kasuga-jinja shrine in Kawanishi this time. It’s located on Kushiro area, southern part of Kwanishi city and next to Itami city. If you wanna go there, you should take Hankyu bus line to Itami and get off Kushiro-minami bus stop. It enshrined Ame no koyane no mikoto, same of Kasuga-taisha shrine in Nara. It’s unknown when it was build, but It’s thought it was built early Edo period, because of same style shrine in Itami was built on 1629.

Water’s role in this area

Kushiro area was farmer’s. So water was very important for this area. There are some monuments about water in this shrine.

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