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Notice:This blog isn’t city council’s official one.Just written by society members       

Hello,every one.

My name’s Taka Riverfield,chief planer/adviser of “rivfie”(multiple planing society).I’m japanese and living in Kawanishi city,Hyogo pref.and also I’m studying english I can’t use literary or polite expression…I’m gonna write this blog with casual and easy english.We have 2 main theme for this blog.They are….

1.”Discovery Kawanishi city with fun”

We’ll write for visitors from forien countrys about this town’s wonder,historic, cultural,beutiful,and tasty spots or events.

You might have a good time to visit our town and have a great memory of your trip.

2.”Helpful for living forien people”

This blog isn’t only for sight seeing guide but useful tool for livinng people who come from forien countrys.We provide you helpful information to live or to carry out some procedures.

We hope our blog will be useful for you all,Thank you.